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QuickLessons provides online, collaborative e-Learning Course Development platforms for creating Flash-based interactive and engaging content. With individual, corporate and campus plans for educational institutions, users can quickly create and manage high quality and SCORM/AICC compliant content from anywhere and anytime for offline, online and LMS use. QuickLessons’ platform is 100% online, with no software installation required. We offer easy-to-use templates for content, characters, exercises and games. QuickLessons also offers a Facebook app called Izzui, a collaborative place where anyone can learn and share. Izzui allows people to use QuickLessons free and post online content to Facebook. Facebook users can then view, rate, share, evaluate and comment on Izzui courses.
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QuickLessons was built from the ground up to be a completely SaaS based content authoring tool, requiring the user to only have access to a web-browser. QuickLessons comes equipped with quizzes, games, characters, out-of-the-box animations and other customizable content to allow users to create truly unique and interactive flash-based content to meet their needs. Users can either use QuickLessons for free, publishing their content only to Facebook, or they can buy an individual, corporate or academic account.
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